Travel Information

Valid passports are required. Passports must have an expiration date more than 6 months before your departure date or you will not be allowed to board.

Taca Airlines provides direct flights from Miami once a week, American Airlines also provides direct flights from Miami once a week. United Airlines (from Houston) and American (from Miami) also fly into San Pedro Sula (where you can then travel to Roatan on smaller local airlines, listed below). United Airlines provides  nonstop service between Houston's George Bush Intercontinental Airport and Roatan. During peak season, United has 4-5 flights per week, low season, Saturday and Sunday only.

There are several Honduran airlines that provide daily service to Roatan from San Pedro Sula, La Ceiba and Tegucigalpa, Honduras. They all have websites for their contact information, along with schedules and pricing, and you can book directly online:


Foster's provides airport or ferry pickup for his guests at $25 each way for up to 4 persons, or $30 for up to 6 persons. Taxis are readily available at the airport in Roatan and the trip from the airport to either West End or West Bay takes about 25 minutes and should cost about $15.00 US West End - 25.00 West Bay). Car rental is available at the airport or in West End, (about $50.00 per day) but travelers will find that between the consistent bus system and the water taxis, that car rental is not necessary.

Water taxis are available at both docks on each side of Foster's West Bay resort and at Foster's West End Restaurant and Bar. They usually start running back and forth between West End and West Bay about 9:00 or 10:00 AM until dark. The ride costs 60 Lempiras (or about $3.00 each person) each way. The actual frequency of the water taxis usually is somewhat dependent upon the season and also the amount of tourists in West Bay. Normally any of the water taxis at night will charge much more depending upon the number of people- around 100 lempiras or so.

The public transportation is also good on Roatan. There are public minibuses that run from West End to Coxen Hole and farther all day long. The ride from West End to Coxen Hole takes about a half an hour and will cost about 60 cents per person. One just needs to stand on the main road and flag them down.


Most locals speak both English and Spanish fluently.


The Honduran currency is the Lempira, but U.S. Dollars are widely accepted in Roatan. There are banks available for money exchange at San Pedro International Airport and also on Roatan, in Coxen Hole and French Harbor. Many proprietors will also exchange U.S. Dollars for Lempiras. The exchange rate has approximately averaged 1 US$= 18.8 - 19.8 Lempiras.


If you need to use a phone, fax, or e-mail, there is a high-speed Internet/telephone office at Foster's West Bay on the premises. Wireless is also available for a small fee.


Clothing should be casual and comfortable. Depending upon the time of year, a light rain jacket or a collapsible umbrella could be convenient. Even with the occasional rains, the air is usually warm. It is also a good idea to bring a flashlight along for those evening walks. There is daily maid service at Foster's and fresh towels are provided daily. However, beach towels are not provided and you may wish to bring your own.

Also, it is good to bring an insect repellent. Some people do not seemed to be bothered by sand flies, others are. We suggest either Avon Skin-so-Soft bath oil spray or Cactus Juice, both which work well. Both are available on the Internet at either or If you think you may be more susceptible you may want to bring some OFF or some other DEET-based product along too, just in case. You can also purchase these items on the island at various places, for not much more. As long as one uses some preventative measures, one should be fine.


There is a $39.00 departure tax per person on leaving the country. This tax must be paid by US Dollars. If you fly within the country, such as from San Pedro, an additional airport tax of approximately 40 Lempiras per person is charged prior to your boarding.