Diving around Roatan

Diving around Roatan is spectacular and attracts scuba divers from all over the world. Our associate diving operators, docked right at Foster's, can provide for a variety of dives and courses, including dive packages, introductory courses and complete certification. Bottomtime Scuba will be happy to arrange for your diving needs at very affordable prices. Jay & Lavina Jeter, the owners and operators, provide for personalized service and only dive with smaller groups.

Please contact Lavina & Jay for any questions, pricing or for booking your dive needs: https://bottomtimescuba.com/
Email: jay@bottomtimescuba.com or lavina@papayaplace.com
Phone: US & Canada (512) 771-4340, Roatan (504) 9967-1778

Diving around Roatan       Diving around Roatan

Diving around Roatan       Diving around Roatan

Additional diving photos: https://bottomtimescuba.com/photos/

In the event of a decompression emergency, Roatan has a recompression tank at the Anthony Key’s Medical Center approximately 15 minutes from West Bay by boat or vehicle.